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Our business is based around shotcrete.  For one thing, it sticks to virtually everything.  As a result, we use shotcrete for building restorations. Therefor, we can spray it on failing walls, tunnels, and foundations. It is used to bond to the old materials and lock them in place and seal them together.  Consequently, it works great for reinforcing old rock foundations, brick, block and stone. In addition, we use it for soil stabilization.  Importantly, since the concrete is sprayed at high velocity, and it seals much tighter than poured concrete often with no forming. We spray soil-nailed walls and other retaining walls.  Indeed, shotcrete is sustainable, low impact and fast. We also use it for simulated rock and waterfalls.  We build structures designed for simulated rock as well as spraying a simulated rock overlay on all types of surfaces. Shotcrete is very strong and stable.  It should be noted that it is watertight and does not shrink like normal concrete. Undoubtedly, shotcrete is far superior to natural stone. Finally, it lasts longer, is easier to waterproof, is more resistant to freeze thaw and it is stronger.

Latest Commercial Shotcrete Projects

    • The Walmart Home Office.  We competed the restoration on a failing parapet wall.
    • The Walton 5 & 10 .  We sprayed on the brick inside the building to reinforce the walls for the remodel.
    • Crystal Bridges Museum.  We sprayed a soil-nailed wall that was 55,0000 square feet.
    • Donald W. Reynolds Recreation Center.  Aquacrete sprayed the swimming pool walls and stairs.
    • The Corps of Engineers.  We did a simulated rock overlay on a retaining wall below Tablerock Dam
    • GRDA Kerr Dam.  We did the shotcrete under the new control building which is above the dam.
    • The Embassy Suites.  We sprayed the waterfall on all the compound radius walls.
    • Turpentine Creek.  We sprayed the pool and waterfall for Bam Bam the bear. In addition to this, we made a grotto (cuddle cove) for Bam Bam the bear.
    • The University of Arkansas.  We completed the retaining walls for the new building construction.
    • Bentonville Community Center. We did all of the swimming pools in this jumbo recreation center.
    • The Rogers Aquatic Center.  Not only did we spray the pool walls, but also the simulated rock, the bridge and climbing wall.

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