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Are you considering hiring a concrete contractor for a swimming pool, patio, retaining wall or foundation repair in Fayetteville?

Above all, you need a contractor that is skilled, knowledgeable, and honest. Therefor, you’ve come to the right place. To explain, let’s start at the very beginning: Shotcrete.

Shotcrete defined

As a premiere concrete contractor in NWA, Aquacrete specializes in shotcrete application in all of it’s projects including foundation repair. Shotcrete is a concrete process in which concrete is pumped through a hose and sprayed through a nozzle with high-pressure air.  It requires less formwork and can be cheaper than traditionally poured concrete. Aquacrete is a concrete contractors that sprays commercial shotcrete, but we also use shotcrete to build in residential settings.

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How it all began

Shotcrete was invented by a taxidermist named Carl Akeley.  Carl Akeley displayed many of his creations in the Field Columbian Museum in Chicago.  He went on to repair the crumbling structure of the the Field Columbian Museum in Chicago using a “cement gun.” He later had his method patented and even used shotcrete to build animals for museum exhibits.

In 1912, The Cement Gun Company aquired Akeley’s patents and began using shotcrete on a larger scale.  The gunite process began to be used for many things including sewer, water, and railway tunnels; ground support in mines; construction and repair of buildings; protection of structural steel against corrosion and fire damage; repair of bridges, dams, and canals; rock slope stabilization; and construction of water-retaining structures. The Cement Gun Company dubbed the term “gunite” that we now hear today.  Around 1930, the American Railway Engineering Association came up with the term “shotcrete.” 

foundation repair in fayetteville ar

Many hats of shotcrete

  1. Tunnel walls, in mines, subways, and automobile tunnels
  2. Temporary and permanent excavations
  3. Structural concrete
  4. Hard rock mining
  5. Inground swimming pools
  6. Foundation Repair

Here at Aquacrete, we are shotcrete specialists. Combining years of design and construction experience, we are experts in our field.

We build unique designs, from patios to swimming pools, waterfalls, retaining walls, simulated rock, stamped and stained concrete and foundation repair.

 If you have heard of gunite swimming pools, shotcrete is often referred to as gunite.

foundation repair in fayetteville

Check out our retaining walls and swimming pools but don’t forget to check out our commercial projects.  We are located in Northwest Arkansas. Aquacrete typically stays local for our residential projects, but often travels for more demanding, commercial endeavors.  In fact, Aquacrete was the concrete contractor building the swimming pools at the Rogers Aquatic Center. We are completed the Foundation Repair on The Walton 5 & 10 and Walmart Museum and sprayed the shotcrete on the soil-nail retaining wall at the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville.  We even built a bear habitat at Turpentine Creek in NWA for the bear, Bam-Bam! From residential pools to commercial pools, we have almost 20 years of shotcrete experience.

We think you’ll be impressed

If you haven’t already read our reviews, check them out.  Knowing that your concrete contractor has a good reputation is one of the most important aspects of hiring a contractor.  The positive reviews that our customers leave are one of our prized possessions.  Above all, we strive to please our customers in every way possible.

Aquacrete is a fully-bonded and insured company.  We know how difficult and daunting it can be to hire a contractor.  We are here to help you with that, too!  In addition, you can read our reviews. We can also offer you referrals and even give you a tour of one of our recent projects.  We are a small business and we strive to finish your job quickly.  

Randy Murray owns Aquacrete and started the company after falling in love with both the application and design processes of shotcrete.  Being a small business, Randy still runs the show and does NOT subcontract your project.  Above all, Aquacrete will get the job done.  Unlike other concrete contractors, we will be on your from the minute we start it until it is finished. We will not take your deposit and dig a big hole in your yard and come back months later! In other words, Aquacrete will take care of your project!

Aquacrete is a company based on integrity and quality.  We strive to please our customers. Do you have a backyard that you want to transform but you don’t have a vision? We can help you design a masterpiece. Do you have backyard that you have all sorts of dreams for? All in all, we can help make your dreams come to life!

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