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You’ve come to the right place.  Many of our customers tell us that they have a small backyard and they wonder if we can build them a pool. 

Read on to find out why, here at Aquacrete, a small backyard swimming pool might be right up your alley!

Consider A Small Backyard Pool

A small backyard pool might be just what your backyard needs! Do you want to build a swimming pool in Fayetteville but you have a small backyard.

 swimming pool company in Fayetteville

Everyone deserves an awesome pool, but homes with larger yards are more set up for a larger pool. However, if your home has a small yard, you can still have enough room for a pool. 

 swimming pool company in Fayetteville

1. Small isn’t a dealbreaker

At Aquacrete, we install swimming pools in Fayetteville in both spaces large and small. We can build the perfect small backyard pool for your home! Even if you have a small yard, we can create an ideal size pool for your yard that looks like it belongs in the space.

Take into consideration any easement and/or property boundaries when you are planning for your pool. Many times, the city in which you live will have zoning laws which will affect where you can build your pool. You’ll want to know about any boundaries that might limit where you can place your pool before you dive in!

 swimming pool company in Fayetteville

2. Keep it simple

Simplifying your design is something to keep in mind when you are designing your backyard pool. You don’t want your backyard to look overcrowded. At Aquacrete, we can help you create a design for your pool that is pleasing to the eye even though you have a small space to work with.


3. Look at these options!

There are certain pool designs that work especially well for small backyard pools. The plunge pool is one of these. It is a deeper pool that is cost-effective when it comes to small in-ground pools. They are small and deep and are built for relaxing. Since they are so small, they require fewer materials and are easier to maintain and heat, which makes them more affordable.

An elongated pool or lap pool is another example of a pool that works well in a small space. It is a longer, more narrow pool and is generally long enough to do some actual lap swimming.

At Aquacrete, we do many freeform pools as there are no limits to the shapes. Essentially, you can fit any pool to fit your odd size/shape yard.


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If you have any questions or want some help planning for your small back yard pool. call us at Aquacrete so we can get your perfect pool built! Check out our video of us spraying shotcrete onto a swimming pool!

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