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Reasons that you may need a retaining wall:

Do you need a retaining wall that will last for years to come? Aquacrete sprays everything from soil-nailed retaining walls walls to decorative residential retaining walls.  We even sprayed the concrete on the soil-nailed retaining walls at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.  If you’re needing a retaining wall, contact Aquacrete.

1. Don’t let the slope get you down

To turn your land into land you can use. Planning on planting a garden but your yard is sloped? Do you want to build a pool but your backyard is a downhill? Building a retaining wall will give you the flat backyard in order to make your garden and swimming pool dreams come true.

If you live on a slope, it might be hard for you to imagine the possibilities of your backyard. We have had clients with backyards that we would consider a severe slope. The clients with sloped backyards usually don’t even go into their backyard because it’s hard to walk around.

Imagine this. A retaining wall in a sloped backyard can enable you to walk out of your back door to your outdoor seating area, your grill, and even a swimming pool if you wish!

2. Water water go away

Keep runoff water at bay! When rain falls onto the earth, it just does not just sit there, it starts moving wherever gravity intends for it to go. In addition, whenever you have more moisture than your land can absorb, you can have issues with runoff. In fact, a retaining wall can direct the water from the rain and the water from your gutters to place in your yard where it won’t be a nuisance.

Flowing water is very powerful! If you aren’t convinced, check out the boulders and canyons at the Grand Canyon.

Here at Aquacrete, we build retaining walls the right way, the first time. With a wall in place, we can help guide the rain water away from your house.

3. Keep your dirt right where you want it

Erosion can deplete your yard of vital topsoil and ruin your landscaping. A wall is a perfect solution to protect your home from erosion. In other words, a retaining wall is a dam for your soil!

Specifically, a wall can minimize erosion by lessening the angle of a slope and keeping that soil in place. If you have a basement and have water runoff issues, you might be putting your basement at risk of being flooded.

Soil erosion is one of the main culprits of foundation cracks. In general, the cracks are usually caused by downspouts not extended away from the home properly, or by overflowing gutters. Foundation issues don’t just effect older homes either. Protect your foundation. Is the soil around your foundation washing away? If it is, a retaining wall can definitely help.

4. Behold your Retaining Wall

Last but not least, its appearance. Not only can a retaining wall provide new, usable backyard space, but it can also provide beauty. A sloped back yard can be an eye sore. Since you have limited access to landscape this space, a slope backyard can be often overlooked.

With so many options when it comes to your retaining wall, Aquacrete has you covered. With your new-found back yard space thanks your retaining wall, you can plant grass. You can even buy that patio set you’ve had your eyes on and invite your friends and family over for a BBQ.

Above all, we can make a retaining wall that is both functional and pleasing to the eye leaving you with something that complements both your lifestyle, your home and your landscaping.

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