Randy Murray is running for Mayor of Bella Vista!

Vote November 8th!

“Randy Murray is a very selfless and hardworking man. He genuinely cares about the people around him and supports those who are in need. I’ve spent much time with Randy and his family and they helped me so much when I was in need. Words cannot express my gratitude for all that Randy and his supportive family has done for me. He is also extremely intelligent as well as self reliant. This is a man who truly has his priorities set straight and lives a clean lifestyle. He is extremely proactive and does not hesitate to uplift, as well as edify, those around him. There is no one I would trust more with caring for this community than Randy Murray.” -Georgiana Armstrong

“I’ve known Randy for the last 20 years! Randy is a family man, with excellent standards for this community! He is thoughtful in both his word and deed!
He brings with him , experience and a desire to serve others!” -Aimee Doennig

“Randy is everything you could want in a mayor: Strong business sense, Christian values, Honesty and ethics, Love and concern for the community, the people and the land! Go-getter personality! I can’t imagine a better option! He will be fantastic!” -Carrie Beere

“Randy is direct, honest, hardworking family man. He has leadership experience with both youth and adults. Randy serves in the community. He has shown a high degree of integrity in all my dealings with him. Local successful business owner. Good role model for his children. Randy lives his values.” -David Peterson

“Randy is just top notch! He genuinely cares about people. If there is a need, he’s the first one to respond without being asked and goes above and beyond what is expected. He’s passionate about standing for solid principles and values. I’ve seen him in action for many years. His strong work ethics are unsurpassed and he will make a fantastic Mayor for Bella Vista!” -Vickie Pearson

“Randy Murray is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. His love of family, community, and his strong faith never waivers. He loves his community of Bella Vista so much, he wants to be your mayor! His honest work ethic and commitment to the community is just what the city needs. Bella Vista will only flourish under Randy’s leadership. Vote for Randy!” -Amanda Lorenz

“Randy is an honest, hard-working guy who cares and helps for so many around him. He has not hesitated to help our family several times. And I know he will have that same selfless character in serving our community!” -Alaura Guin

“Randy is the perfect choice for Mayor! He is a top notch human with incredible work ethic. He is a family man who is always willing to lend a helping hand. I am proud to know Randy and am excited for the future of Bella Vista with Randy as our Mayor!” -Kimberly Mayberry

“Randy has always been there to help our community! He believes in creating a strong fellowship with all those he knows, and making sure everyone is included no matter what the cause. Randy is dependable, honest, and a great example to everyone around him. We would be LUCKY to have him as our Mayor of Bella Vista.” -Jessica Yandell-Gall

“Randy will make a great mayor! He’s hardworking and cares about the people of Bella Vista.” -Breanna McChristian

“What a great, helpful, stand-up guy! When we were new to the neighborhood, his family welcomed us with open arms! Randy is an honest, hard-working man. His family is one of those families you know you can count on. Vote for Randy Murray!” -Kristy Bockholt

“Randy is a great man with integrity and a love for God and our community. He has a beautiful family that I know motivates him to continue to make our community strong and vibrant for their future as well as all of our families.” -Lilya Nelson

“He is honest and hard working! My vote is for Randy!” -Britney Grover

“I’ve known Randy Murray for 16 years and he is one of the most honest, hardworking people I know. My vote is for Randy.” -Terri Hansen

“Randy Murray is a solid individual. He is a small business owner that takes great pride in following through. His word is his bond. Vote for Randy Murray!”

-Garth Hudgins

“Hard working and all around super kinda man! Always puts other first and willing to kelp anyone out at the drop of a hat! Definitely the best individual to lead!”

-Tim Kuschel

“Super great guy and family man! Randy will definitely be an asset to the community!” -Mike Smith

“My vote is for Randy! He is hardworking and cares so much for his family and others. I know he will make a difference!” -Lindsay Burnett

“Hard working family man, with unmatched integrity for what’s right for the community.” -Bob Colclasure

“We have known Randy for more than a decade. He was a great scout leader to our sons. He works hard running his own business, but always has time to help his friends and neighbors. He is the first to show up when someone is in need. He is a natural leader and a man of action. He has a servant’s heart and is guided by honesty, love of community and love of country.” -Karen Sasine

“Randy Murray is a fierce protector of family and country. He’s a leader that would help Bella Vista grow in all of the best ways.” -Stephanie Clawson

“Would most definitely vote Randy to be Mayor! He would be a great leader for Bella Vista!” -Case Smith

“Randy one of the most genuinely good people I know. He will drop anything to go and help a friend (or someone he doesn’t even know). He is an amazing Father, community member, leader, and friend. He is so willing to share and include people in the goodness around him! No doubt he will have a positive influence on Bella Vista.” -Emily Yates

“I VOTE Randy Murray for Mayor of Bella Vista.  Randy sincerely loves his community and goes above and beyond to serve.  He will be a great asset to the City of Bella Vista.  Murray for Mayor!” -Lynn Reed

“Honest and freedom loving!” -Sue Walker

“Randy Murray: honest, steadfast, willing to help at a moment’s notice, resourceful, a problem-solver. He will help find solutions and get the job done.”

-Jill Hale

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