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Water Features In Bentonville and Fayetteville



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Are you wanting to build a water feature in Bentonville or NWA? Aquacrete builds custom water features, including waterfalls, grottos (cuddle cove), slides and jumping platforms.  We even built a waterfall for a big brown bear at Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs!

6 Benefits of having a Water Feature in your back yard

1. Love that sound

Science has actually shown that nature sounds were associated with a decrease in the body’s sympathetic response and an increase in parasympathetic response. In other words, nature sounds decrease a person’s “fight or flight” reaction.

Included in this study, participants were studied doing tasks that required their attention. While they did these tasks, they listened to both nature sounds and artificial sounds also. The study showed that the participants had more concentration when the were working with the nature sounds.

Including a water feature can help you sleep better and also decrease your stress as well, the study found.

2. Calm down

Anything that we can do to take a break from our everyday, screen-induced days at the office is worth it. Nichols, author of Blue Mind says that people experience many emotions when they are near the water. Whether it is the beach, a water fall or a swimming pool, they can all attribute to mental calmness.

We have all felt the calm feeling that we have when we take a walk at the beach or float in the pool. Now, we have science to back up that soothing feeling.

3. Come one, come all

Not only will a water feature that you add will attract wildlife (think frogs and birds) to your yard, it will also to attract your friends and family! Even Bam Bam the bear needs a waterfall.

On a personal note, we have caught many frogs trying to take a leisurely swim in our pool!

Our kids can swim beneath the waterfall and into the grotto (cuddle cove) and they love it. Because we love it so much, we like to invite our friends and family over, too.

A waterfall is a great gathering place for family and friends.

4. Water feature curb appeal

Water features are almost universally appealing. Think of major hotels; they are all have water features. These water features make these hotels more attractive to guests. In turn, the hotel makes more money because of how visually appealing it is.

5. Hear better, breathe better

First of all, I live on a busy two-lane highway. I didn’t build a water feature in my backyard to block the traffic noise. Nevertheless, I learned to appreciate this added benefit very quickly. The sound of the waterfall reduces all background noise. When I am outside relaxing, I only hear the relaxing sounds of the waterfall.

Did you know that waterfalls can actually filter the air? When bacteria, mold or dust travels through the air, it can land on the flowing water where it’s absorbed. It’s doubtful that an outdoor waterfall can undertake filtering all of the outdoor air, but it is an added bonus when considering adding a waterfall to your swimming pool.


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