4 Things You MUST Know Before You Build Your Concrete Patio

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Like what you see?  Check out our latest work. Properly built concrete patios are a thing of beauty, strong and very functional.   With little to no maintenance it can last a lifetime.  When considering a concrete patio, deck, sidewalk or porch, there are a few things that should not be overlooked. 1.  It's in

3 Things to Consider When Building A Swimming Pool

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3 Things To Consider When Building A Gunite Swimming Pool Most people think that a gunite swimming pool is just a gunite (concrete) pool.  There are a lot of variables when choosing a pool contractor.  You should be concerned with the structure, the mechanics, and the plumbing.  Most home owners are concerned with cosmetics, equipment,

Want To Build An Inground Pool on a Hill?

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Building an Inground Pool on a Hill Building an inground pool on a hill is different than building it in a flat backyard.  Hillsides create great opportunities for cool water features such as waterfalls, stream beds, and vanishing edges.  Hillsides can also create structural problems.  An average gunite inground pool or shotcrete pool for Aquacrete

2 Reasons Pumping Concrete Downhill Is Harder Than Uphill Pumping

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Pumping concrete downhill is possible, you just need to hire the right concrete contractor for the job! 1) As your pump surges, the hoses get stretched downhill and if you have a clog, it’s hard to drag your heavy hoses uphill to reconnect them when you take them apart to undo your clog. 2) You

Shotcrete Retaining Walls Go Up Faster Than Traditional Walls.

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1.  A Concrete retaining wall is done in 6 stages What goes into concrete retaining walls?  Here at Aquacrete, we a method called shotcrete.  Here at Aquacrete, we properly apply shotcrete and can get it to stick to just about anything.  Learn how to use this unique characteristic to your advantage. One of

#1 Reason There Should Be Air In Concrete

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Air in concrete??  I am not talking about voids, or honeycomb.  I am talking about air entrainment.  Air entrainment is a way to purposely create tiny little air bubbles in the concrete.  Air entrainment is what is called an admixture, or chemical added to concrete.  It is added during the mixing process and stays in