How Long Does It Take To Build A Concrete Swimming Pool?

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As a concrete swimming pool builder, Aquacrete wants to make your pool building experience a speedy one! Unlike other pool companies, we only do one pool at a time. I've heard about other companies that will take your deposit and dig your pool and then you won't see them for 6 months when they come

Is it time to replaster your swimming pool?

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Replastering Your Swimming Pool Gunite and shotcrete pools are very low maintenance, but eventually you'll need to replaster your swimming pool.  Pool plaster is the inside finish on a gunite pool.  It is made from portland cement and fine aggregate, usually marble.  The plasters not only nice looking, but is also used to make the

Variable Speed Pump or Single Speed? Which is right for you?

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Variable speed pump is a pump that is capable at spinning at different rpm’s.  This allows the pump to pump water at different speeds.  Running a pump at a slower rpm saves electricity.  A single speed pump is designed to run at a certain rpm. Variable speed pump or single speed pump?  Let me help

Vinyl liner vs. Gunite Pool

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See more of our gunite swimming pool projects here. Gunite Pool vs. Vinyl Liner Pools If you are considering building a swimming pool, you may be faced with the decision to choose between a gunite pool and a vinyl liner pool.  There is really only one choice, a gunite pool. A gunite pool is made from pneumatically