1.  A Concrete retaining wall is done in 6 stages

What goes into concrete retaining walls?  Here at Aquacrete, we a method called shotcrete.  Here at Aquacrete, we properly apply shotcrete and can get it to stick to just about anything.  Learn how to use this unique characteristic to your advantage.

One of the most expensive parts of concrete retaining walls is the labor.  Therefor, the clock is always ticking.

Typically, concrete retaining walls are built in 6 stages.

On the other hand, shotcrete retaining walls are done, quickly, in 4 stages.

  1. First of all are the footings which includes excavation, rebar, and pouring the concrete.
  2. Next is the forming.  Poured wall forming is a lot of work. The wall forms need to be set.  Therefore, wall ties are attached (metal ties that maintain the distance between the form and the backform).
  3. After that, the rebar for the wall is then installed.
  4. Next, the back forms need to be placed to close in the other side.  Wailers, turnbuckles, stiff backs, and kickers are all applied to stiffen up the wall so that the weight and pressure of the wet concrete does not blow out the wall.
  5. The walls are then poured and vibrated after the back form are done.  A concrete vibrator is used to help eliminate any voids in the concrete.
  6. Last of all, the forms are stripped when the concrete cures.

2.  A Shotcrete retaining wall is done in 4 stages

  1. First step is the rebar.  In many cases, the footing and wall steel can all be installed at the same time.
  2. Second step is the forming.   The forming is much less complicated.  Since shotcrete is sprayed, you only need a form on one side of the wall.  There is no need for wailers and stiffbacks.   The forming material can be much lighter duty, and needs only a fraction of the reinforcement.  This leads to huge time and material savings.
  3. Next is the fun part: the shotcrete.  Spraying the shotcrete is quick and a vibrator is not needed.  Properly places shotcrete will have no voids.  The footing and wall can generally be sprayed at the same time, which is a labor and material savings as well.
  4. Last of all, stripping the forms.  This is also much quicker since there are so much less forming.

To summarize, shotcrete is a quick way to build a very strong concrete retaining wall.  The time and material savings can be very significant.  Consider shotcrete for your concrete retaining wall if you’re in a hurry or want to save money!