Congrats! You are considering getting a pool! You want to learn about problems with vinyl pools.

Great news, you’ve come to the right place.

First of all, what sets concrete pools apart from vinyl pools?

At Aquacrete, we built concrete (shotcrete) pools, but being in the pool business, we know a lot about vinyl liner pools as well.










How long are we talking?

Although the structure of the pool (as long as it isn’t wood) can last for years, the liner itself will need to be replaced much earlier.

Did you know that vinyl liners need to be replaced every 5-8 years?

Consider these problems with vinyl pools:

  1. Tearing & Wrinkles in the liner. Consider dog claws, a tree branch, or even your own toes could puncture a hole in the vinyl liner.
  2. Lifespan. Considering that you need to replace the liner every 5-8 years, this could run you upwards of 5K.
  3. Design limitations. At Aquacrete, we build concrete pools where essentially the only limitation to design is your imagination!
  4. Yellowing of the stairs typically caused my metals in the water.
  5. Liner fades or bleaches out due to the chemicals.

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