As a concrete swimming pool builder, Aquacrete wants to make your pool building experience a speedy one! Unlike other pool companies, we only do one pool at a time. I’ve heard about other companies that will take your deposit and dig your pool and then you won’t see them for 6 months when they come back to finish the job. Sure, having a pool build can be a lengthy process but maybe not as long as you think. We will have you relaxing on your tanning shelf or cuddling in your cuddle cover before you know it!







Let’s get your swimming pool ideas on paper!

Designing your pool and acquiring the proper permits is the first step. We work with you about what you envision and help get this design onto paper. After the design has been decided, a permit from the city or county must be acquired. In my experience, getting the permit usually less than a week.







The pool dig.

After we have the permits and the design decided, we begin the excavation. I make it sound easy although it is complicated and requires ease of access and utilities to be avoided. Rest assured, we are experts over here at Aquacrete. Excavating usually takes 1 week.







Structural and Mechanical aspects building a concrete swimming pool.

When the pool has been dug, we lay the rebar and have our plumber and electrician make sure everything is good to go for your backyard pool. This process generally takes less than two weeks depending on the size and specifics of your pool.








Shotcrete the pool, tile, & plaster.

We are shotcrete experts here at Aquacrete. This is the most lengthy part of the pool building process and it’s also the most exciting to behold. Check out our video of this process. If you’ve never seen it done before, it’s a sight to behold and leaves you with a swimming pool that will be strong for years to come.








The swimming pool deck and more.

Talk about custom features. Your imagination is the limit. Want a cuddle cove? Sure thing? Want a waterfall? We got you! Want some custom lighting? You’ve called the right place. Your pool is ready to be filled and we are working fast to get you relaxing in the sun!








It takes Aquacrete less than 2 months to build a pool.

You heard that right! We are the experts of building a concrete swimming pool, and we can talk about your back yard pool dreams!