Variable speed pump is a pump that is capable at spinning at different rpm’s.  This allows the pump to pump water at different speeds.  Running a pump at a slower rpm saves electricity.  A single speed pump is designed to run at a certain rpm.

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Variable speed pump or single speed pump?  Let me help you decide!

Variable speed pumps have several advantages.  First of all, tuning a pump at a higher speed is advantageous if you get behind on your chemicals, when you are starting up your pool, or if you have a water feature.  These are all examples of great uses for variable speed pumps, but possibly the best reason is for the energy savings and the day to day maintenance.

When a pool pump is off, the water is not circulating, no chlorine is being added and the water is not filtering.  Nobody wants to pay for a single speed pump to run all the time, but everyone loves how clear the water looks if your pump is always on.  The variable speed pump is a great compromise.  You can have the pump on all the time but at a low rpm and save a bundle on the electricity.  Basically you can have your cake and eat it too.

A good variable speed pump is about twice as much as a good single speed pump.  As a result, the energy savings will make up the difference.  Pentair has a cool savings calculator where you can estimate your savings.

If you are going to build a swimming pool, I highly recommend putting in a variable speed pump.  Spend the extra money up front and benefit from the savings and the convenience forever.  Contact Aquacrete for all of your concrete, swimming pool, retaining wall and shotcrete needs!