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Gunite Pool vs. Vinyl Liner Pools

If you are considering building a swimming pool, you may be faced with the decision to choose between a gunite pool and a vinyl liner pool.  There is really only one choice, a gunite pool.

A gunite pool is made from pneumatically placed high strength concrete, which is steel reinforced.  It is very strong and structurally sound.  The pool is then finished with swimming pool plaster, which is the final waterproofing and the beautiful cosmetic finish to the concrete.  A liner pool is often built with a sand bottom, occasionally a low grade grout or concrete mix is used.  This bottom is placed to keep rocks and other debris from puncturing the liner.  The sides are made of some sort thin of plastic or fiberglass panel, depending on the manufacturer.  The liner is placed in the pool and snaps into place below the coping.  Finally, the pool is then filled with water.  Gunite pools hold water because they are structurally sound watertight vessels.  Liner pools hold water for the reason that they have a giant plastic bag inside them.

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First of all, building a pool is a major investment, in many cases, second only to the purchase of your home.  Consequently, when you are making your choice, choose wisely.  Have you ever been to a water park and seen a vinyl liner pool?  Do you see them at hotels of theme parks?  No!  The reason is because commercial pools are generally engineered and engineers know what a problem a liner presents.  As a result, liners rip, they tear, the seals break, they get water behind the liner, the liner comes loose below the coping.

A gunite, or shotcrete pool is nearly indestructible, generally twice the strength as normal concrete.  They require little maintenance.  Furthermore, the repairs are more simple.  Therefor, gunite pools are a wiser investment.  You can put one in and it will be there forever.  One thing to consider when installing a liner pool is, how much is it going to cost to tear it out in a few years?